Monday, January 15, 2018

A New Year,........A New Tangle

A New Year,............A New Tangle

Well, Hello!!!!!
Yes,.......It has been quite a long time! 
I have found it it really hard for me to keep up on all the different social media venues. (I don’t know how all of you moms out there do it,.....?? Please share your secret ;0).......)
Anyways, the main reason I’m posting, and I do have to say, “It does feel kinda good to do so.”
I have created a new tangle. I stumbled across it when doing my daily Zenuari 2018 challenges, put out by Anoeska Waardenburg. So Day 13, ‘Make Your Own Fragment’, is how it appeared to me. I saw this Greek ceramic tile on Pinterest, and thought that I could use a fragment of it to create my new fragment. And so it was, “Eleetz’ was born.
The name is ’tile’  backwards, but the double EE’s are from the word Greek, and the added Z represents Zenuari. 
I looked around, there are similar tangles but I do feel it is original. So here it is.

It really is quite easy. Have fun with Eleetz!

Now just for fun, try drawing ‘Eleetz’ like you would ‘Mooka’. If you’re like me and ‘mooch’ is one of your favorites, you can draw ‘Eleetz’ all in one pen swoop and not have to lift your pencil. Just let it flow. As you can see it is versatile to. It really is an addicting tangle, if you like organic, flowing tangles. I have been trying to study the Vintage Baroque, floral scroll, filagree style, and it is a beautiful combo of ‘icanthis’ and ‘mooch’. So I think ‘eleetz’ will flow right along with that style. Please give it a try and if you do, post it on Instagram with hashtag #eleetz and add @theartzenter so I can see what you have created.

Here is the fragment I used for the Zenuari prompt. Remember it is just a fragment and from the fragment I created the tangle. 

Here is ‘eleetz’ fragment and in a spiral Reticula. In the lower right corner you can see the fragment.

Please, if you are interested in learning about fragments and reticula, I recommend you purchase the book "Primer Volume 1”, from Zentangle Headquarters. It took me a bit to wrap my head around the understanding of the two, but once I got it, was like an epiphany!!! Wow!!
So many new ways to create your tiles.

Happy New Year!

Saturday, July 30, 2016


New Tangle
by Me


   Well, hello there!!! Yes, I know,...........It has been too long since my last post. Let's just say,.....Life happens!!! It's a good thing, but it is difficult to have the perfect time management. There are the 'have to' things to do, the 'want to' things to do, and 'soon' things. Anyway with all of that said, you can get the idea of why I have not posted recently.
   This summer has been filled with many trips, some close and some further away, for my family to travel to. While traveling, I see so many designs and patterns just waiting to be deconstructed. So many that are already tangles that have been deconstructed, (That is what is so fascinating about Zentangle. Whether brought to us by nature or hundreds of thousands of years old textiles, the inspiration is there!!!!) My family had taken a trip, by metro link (train), to San Juan Capistrano. We went there to see the old Mission. Since we were going to travel there, we thought we would attend mass at the Basilica. 
   "Wow", that's all I could say when we entered into the beautiful church. It reminded me of some of the old churches we went to while traveling in Europe. (Of course, without the history and years.) As we were leaving, after mass, I saw this unique pattern that caught my eye. I do believe it is one that I have not seen as a deconstructed tangle. If you look at it, it looks as though it says 'MOM'. Well, I thought to myself. 'If it kept going in a round circle, it would eventually spell out 'WOW'. So there you have it. My inspiration!!!
Click image to enlarge. In gold, on the curve, is the beautiful design that looked like, to me, 'MOM'. (Do you see similarities of Henna Drum right beneath it?) Way cool, right?

There are many ways to change it and create lots of variations.

    So here you have it,.......the step outs to my new tangle "WOWMOM'.
   I hope you enjoy it and have some fun!!
   Kids start back to school this Friday, so I imagine I will have some free time to get back to blogging. 
   Blessings to all!! I hope your summer vacation has brought you much relaxation and time spent with loved ones!

put some
 into this


Friday, March 25, 2016


How Do You
(that's the term I came up with for tangled egg art)

Most of these eggs, my daughter scribbled on when she was younger, and I didn't have the heart to throw them away. So, I tangled over the scribbles.
   I just love Easter! The most important message, that Christ gave His life to free us from sin, is so powerful!!! No greater Love!!!!
   I do enjoy the meaning of the egg this time of year too, and what it represents. Life!!! So I like to think of it as that Eternal Life, that Jesus talks about. 
   The egg is such a beautiful creation, all in its own! To hold the fragileness of one in my hand is such a miraculous wonder. Oh,......... any way, I can go on and on about my passion with eggs. Here I will share a little nonsense info about eggs and chickens that you might want to know.
These are the eggs that we get from our 6 chickens. See the different colors?

Now look at the differences in color. Same 6 chickens and yet the eggs have changed a bit.

   We are so egg cited every day to see what we will find in the nests. On line they call they chickens that lay these kind of eggs, Easter Eggers. Funny, huh? Anyway, I thought I would share a few of the eggs that I have decorated from our Easter Eggers. (If I could, I would blow out every egg we get from them because I find them so beautiful!!!!!, But my family already thinks I'm crazy,......!)
These little beauties, are from my brother's chickens. That are pure white. They are smaller in size because they are the pullet eggs. (When a chicken first starts laying eggs, they are smaller and they are called pullet eggs.)

These are green eggs. It's hard to tell because of the green artwork on them. I should have taken a pic, with them next to a white egg. The chickens that lay these and the blue/green eggs are called Ameraucanas and Araucanas. The blue/greens are my favorite, but for some reason they have been eating them. They are like finding the golden ticket!!
   I used Zentangle patterns on all of these. These are blown out eggs, so they are just meant for decoration. These are the markers that I use.
These can be found at Michaels' stores. Use 40% coupon and get them really cheap.  Click to enlarge image.
   I hope and pray that you all may enjoy the beauty of this Easter Season and all it's meaning!!
Please, go to my post with my free 'Alleluia' coloring page download. Enjoy!

Happy Easter!!

"Christ is Risen,
Alleluia, Alleluia!!!"