Dans Friday

My 'Narwal' butterfly was inspired by the talented Lily Moon. Thank you Lily! My lettering was inspired by the Famous and so inspiring, Joanne Fink, and her book Zenspirations Letters & Patterning

Welcome to Dans Friday!!!

   So, you ask, what is Dans Friday? Well, Dans in Latin, means giving. So, "Welcome to Giving Friday!"(Thanks to my husband for the inspiration of the title.<3) These coloring pages will be done as Zentangle Inspired Art (ZIAs). I give them to you to have fun with, relax, and immerse yourself, as if a child coloring in a coloring book. (Oh, and if someone finds you coloring with your tongue sticking out to the side, than you are definitely getting touch with that inner child of yours. :0)  I'd say, you are very much, in your  Zen...)
   Grab your Crayola twisting colored pencils, Prisma colored pencils, Crayons, Sakura Gelly Roll pens, watercolors, etc,.... whatever you have available. Pour a nice cup of tea, or coffee, and sit down. Take a deep breath in,..........and let it out, whoooooooooooo......! Try that three times. Now begin to use colors that you see in your mind, or that express your mood. Color should not have to be stressful. Just choose by your mood, or what is eye appealing to you at that time. Sometimes if you do not have a whole color palette in mind, you should just pick one at a time and see what a surprising outcome you end up with! You can even try picking your colors while blindfolded! ( hey, it's just an idea.)
   Remember to come back and visit! Every 2nd Friday of every month, I will be posting a new, Dans Friday, coloring page! For every new coloring page I post, I will add a colored version of the month prior.
   Just Enjoy and get into your Zen!!!

   (I do ask that you give credit to my name and blog. I ask that you please do not reproduce for sale. Thank you, for understanding.) If you are a teacher and would like to use these in classes, please feel free to do so. If you have a chance please go to The Art Zenter Facebook Page, and 'Like' my page, so I know whether or not I should keep uploading monthly coloring pages. I would greatly appreciate it. :0)

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