What is the Zentangle Method?

   So what is this new art form, called Zentangle*?
Well, no claims will ever be made that it's an art that has never been seen before. Some may use the word doodling, (hush word in Zentangle*) which has been in existence (probably) since the first pen and paper were around. But really, Maria Thomas and Rick Roberts, (the founders of Zentangle*) have opened the world's eyes to the method of this kind of art. 
   Maria and Rick will humbly tell anyone that they did not discover these patterns that we are drawing,............they unleashed the beautiful 'Method' of deconstructing patterns that surround us. Whether it is in fabric, wrought iron, jewelry, nature,..........and the list goes on! It is all around us!!!  Rick and Maria shared with us, in our Certified Zentangle course, just how this life changing art came about. It's a beautiful story and they are the most humble and talented people to be sharing it all, with us. 
   Their slogan, "Anything is possible, one stroke at a time," is a reminder to anyone who feels they have no artistic abilities, at all. The added feature to Zentangle*, is that it is meditative. It's kind of like the saying, "which came first, the chicken or the egg",  "meditating, or creating art". While tangling, you are doing both!!! So exciting, right?
This is not an 'Official Tangle' of Zentangle.*
I created it and am using
it as an example of deconstructing a pattern.
   To the left is an example of a deconstructed pattern. If you notice, each time you see red, it is the new line or shape that is added to the last. And so on,......
   Once all shapes are added you have a completed pattern! Then anything else you want to do with it is endless.
   No boundaries, no right or wrong, and no erasers!!! That's right! No erasers! Every line circle or dot is deliberate and is meant to be there. If you don't end up liking it, it can be changed into something else. Which will end up being beautiful!!!

 To learn more about the Zentangle* method go to the home 'Zentangle*' site and even explore their 'Zentangle* blog'.
   Another wonderful site that has a wealth of tangles to learn, is 'Tangle Patterns', with Linda Farmer CZT.
   And then if you get hooked like I did, take a peak at Laura Harms' blog I am the Diva, CZT, to have fun and join in with the wonderfully friendly community of tanglers!!!!
  What's even more exciting,......if you live near by, send me a message and we'll see if I can get you into my next Zentangle* class!!! 

And remember,
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*Zentangle and CZT are registered trademarks