Saturday, July 30, 2016


New Tangle
by Me


   Well, hello there!!! Yes, I know,...........It has been too long since my last post. Let's just say,.....Life happens!!! It's a good thing, but it is difficult to have the perfect time management. There are the 'have to' things to do, the 'want to' things to do, and 'soon' things. Anyway with all of that said, you can get the idea of why I have not posted recently.
   This summer has been filled with many trips, some close and some further away, for my family to travel to. While traveling, I see so many designs and patterns just waiting to be deconstructed. So many that are already tangles that have been deconstructed, (That is what is so fascinating about Zentangle. Whether brought to us by nature or hundreds of thousands of years old textiles, the inspiration is there!!!!) My family had taken a trip, by metro link (train), to San Juan Capistrano. We went there to see the old Mission. Since we were going to travel there, we thought we would attend mass at the Basilica. 
   "Wow", that's all I could say when we entered into the beautiful church. It reminded me of some of the old churches we went to while traveling in Europe. (Of course, without the history and years.) As we were leaving, after mass, I saw this unique pattern that caught my eye. I do believe it is one that I have not seen as a deconstructed tangle. If you look at it, it looks as though it says 'MOM'. Well, I thought to myself. 'If it kept going in a round circle, it would eventually spell out 'WOW'. So there you have it. My inspiration!!!
Click image to enlarge. In gold, on the curve, is the beautiful design that looked like, to me, 'MOM'. (Do you see similarities of Henna Drum right beneath it?) Way cool, right?

There are many ways to change it and create lots of variations.

    So here you have it,.......the step outs to my new tangle "WOWMOM'.
   I hope you enjoy it and have some fun!!
   Kids start back to school this Friday, so I imagine I will have some free time to get back to blogging. 
   Blessings to all!! I hope your summer vacation has brought you much relaxation and time spent with loved ones!

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