Tuesday, February 2, 2016


Happy Valentine's Day

   Here's a chance to give that someone special a very special Valentine. And I don't mean your sweetheart,............ I'm talking about your best friend, or teacher, or grandma, or the cashier at the market. This is a Valentine that will make someone smile and feel appreciated. It is a Random Act of Kindness Valentine, that keeps on giving.
   Not only is it special that way, it is also a coloring page. It can also be passed on and on and on and,............. well, you get the picture!
   This is not a Dan's Friday download. It is just an extra, free, coloring page that I just had to share.
It is in two PDFs, so that you can print the front and back. I hope your children, and possibly you, will enjoy handing these fun little Valentines out. Maybe leave one randomly in the tip jar at Starbucks or even with a tip at a restaurant. The possibilities are endless. Spread some cheer and warmth this Valentine's Day! Click HERE, for your free download.
This is the front of your Valentines. You will need to cut them into four separate cards.
Click on image to enlarge.

This will be the back of the Valentine. See how it allows it to be passed on again and again. That is, of course, if your receiver wants to pass it on.  :0) 
Happy Valentine's Day!
May it be filled with CoLoR and Love!!!

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some CoLoR
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