Monday, July 27, 2015


Welcome Everyone, to my new blog!

   Don't worry, it's still me, Annette Carlo, and Call it What You Quill, will still be around. It is just, now, the sister blog to The Art Zenter. When I first started blogging, I hadn't yet met Zentangle. Well, once I did, thanks to Pinterest, my quilling got put to the back burner and my Zentangle journey began! As I still love quilling, I am on fire about Zentangle and all the other artistic venues it has to offer. My relationship with Zentangle, has strengthened my confidence in art. Being a self taught artist, I have never had the confidence one needs to really feel free to create. I feel I am gaining new confidence now, ( with lots and lots still to learn) to be inspired, create and hopefully 'inspire'! 
   Back in January, before I went to my CZT seminar in June, I had been on a frenzy to create this new blog. With the help of my husband, we brainstormed and came up with this title.  Which led me on this fun and creative whirl wind.  
   Thank you Rick and Maria, and the family of Zentangle!!! Without this relationship I would still be stuck in that place, that I will never go again!!! I am free to create and I'm loving' it!!!


Weekly Challenge #228
Guest Blogger, Cari Sultanik, CZT @ ZenHenna blog

   I was so excited when I read what Cari was going to challenge us with today. Organic!!! I just love organic tangles and the possibilities they have. Although, so many grid tangles can be freed and become organic, (which is the beauty of deconstructing a pattern). Anyway, I used 'Showgirl', 'Narwal' and 'Rashell'. What wonderful tangles these are to use!!! 
click on image to enlarge

   If you have any suggestions, and or, just want to give your input to my new blog, I would love to hear what you have to say.
   I am so blessed and grateful to have become a part of this fabulous Zentangle family that I just want to let you all know how much it means to me!!! THANK YOU! (((hugs))) to all!!!

Remember to
Go out
put some
into this



  1. Hi everyone!!! Welp, I thought I got all the bugs out,..... But who knew that my comment section of my blog would have difficulties!! Thank you to the ladies that went out of their way to notify my of this problem!!! Have an awesome week :0) Annette

  2. Absolutely gorgeous tile! Wonderful colours!

    1. And ... your new blog looks wonderful!!

  3. I'm so glad you fixed it!!! You asked for suggestions on your new blog; in the first place I have to see it looks very good, I love the header! I only find it hard to read the white letters of the light blue background, Am I the only one?
    So, now I can comment on your challenge tile: I do love this Annette.
    And ...... happy birthday (I think it was yesterday!?), glad your sister told me :-)

  4. Really stunning tile! Beautiful colors and a great composition. I love the name of your new blog too.

  5. oh wow, this is gorgeous... i love the color, great work

  6. Hello Annette - great to know it is still you! For a second, I did get a bit confused, if you will (quill!) :P
    I like the pop of blue on your tile! So gorgeous!

  7. Hallo Annette, thank you so much for nice comment on Blog :). To your question: i used a Pigma Micron sepia but i ordered also a Pigma Micron in brown, ist the same color
    Have a nice day
    See you soon

  8. Like the name of your blog and your tile/logo. Your tile is great. I like the color combo and your gradients of color. Has a sense of movement. I thought maybe it was just my old eyes until I read Anne's comment. I also had a little difficulty with the white letters on the light blue background. Is not a major issue, and if may well be my old eyes.


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