Saturday, October 3, 2015

'L ZEN 7's'

' L zen 7's '

   The story of this new tangle is pretty exciting to me! My 5 year old daughter was tangling on my downloaded template from The Bright Owl, Zendala Dare #110. As I was watching her do her deliberate little strokes and filling in the different areas, I had to stop her and ask her to repeat what she had just done. She was simply making a capital 'L' and then adding a '7' or backwards or upside down 7. Anyway, I said, "oh my, I think you might have created a new tangle!" So I played with it a while and I think I have come up with a way to make it a very versatile and fun lil' tangle. All because of my 5 year old's inspiration! 
   It seemed like such a simple tangle, that I thought it probably has been discovered and step outs made for it already. So I checked the famous Dictionary of Tangles, TanglePatterns, with Linda Farmer, and could not see anything like it. Then I Googled, tangle L7, and found that there is a quilting pattern already named L7.  "Bummer!" So,.... I sat and made my step outs and was visiting with my 8 year old and telling him my frustration, and 'HE', then gave me inspiration. He said, "Mom, why don't you call it 'L zen 7's'?" So there you have it! This turned out to be a family project!!! Yay,.... I just love when a plan comes together, especially when it's inspired by, love of family!!!
   I think it will make a great filler for background or just filling in space from a string.

Do you see how she was drawing these lines?  What's great about this tangle is, that it is one of those that if you rotate your tile at a 180, you can still draw an L and a 7 and it works. So, crazy, fun!!!!
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   I'd like to hear what you think of 'L zen 7's'. I hope you like it and find it to be one of your 'go to' tangles! Enjoy your day!

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  1. This is soooooo gorgeous how you are with your family! I love this pattern. You are an amazingly great mum. And I can't wait to start seeing your whole family's Halloween preparations :D

  2. Your baby made it!!! Congratulations on getting published!!! :):):):):):):D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

  3. Besides this wonderfully versatile tangle, I love how it evolved as a family effort. Thanks for sharing.

  4. How sweet! I have a needle point pillow that I cherish made from a design my (then) five year old did. It has some of his seriously messy stitches right in the middle of my precise, tiny ones. He's a great huge bear of a man now but I can go back to that day in a instant. I probably wouldn't be able to locate that pillow if not for his "help" with it. Enjoy your family and make more memories!

  5. Love it - so simple, yet so powerful in its ability to morph, yet again,simply!

  6. How cute is that? Soooooo..... Cute! And look at your "lettering" in the Title. I'm using "Those" lines inside my, L's and 7's." Wow-wee-Zow-wee".

  7. Oh! Annette!, Draw your L's and 7's in the same manner as you did for your title, ONLY make all the lines straight. Place them so that the straight lines of the "inner" triangles mirror at the ends [the shortest lines, mirror the angle of the longest lines]. Now, darken in the triangles. What do you see in the "white-space"? Yay!

  8. Thanks. Simple, elegant, versatile.


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