Wednesday, November 4, 2015


Weekly Challenge # 242
New Official Tangle: Gourdgeous

   Well, it was a crazy busy week last week and this week set me off to be a little under the weather and welcomed me with a root canal. (yuk yuk yuk) So if you'd like to pass up all my exciting happenings and scroll down to my Diva entry, please do so at any time. (But I promise, I will not include info about my root canal.) (yuk yuk yuk) 
   So my daughter's kindergarten class had a field trip to a pumpkin patch, Mind you this is my 3rd time getting to go, because of my other two kids. :0) I love going on field trips with their school and love helping out any time I can, because I get to meet their friends and get to know the teachers a bit better. (The privileges of being self employed, I guess.)
Here we were on a hayride!
   Then we had our first Halloween celebration! Can you guess the theme we chose this year?

Please feel free to click on images to enlarge.

     Well, at that celebration, there is always a very gigantic pumpkin they have and everyone gets a chance at guessing the weight of it. So guess who guessed the closest weight? You got it, ME!!!
So I'm not going to tell how much it weighed until next week's challenge, but do you think you might be able to guess it correctly?
There it is in our van.

Here my client is standing with it. Just to give you an idea of how big it is, next to a grown man.
   Now it was 'Say No to Drug Week' at my kid's school so they had a different dress up day every day, but I won't include all of that. I also got chosen to go on another field trip this time, with my son, to the Safari Wild Animal Park. (I am having waaaaaaay too much fun, right?)
This was just one of my favorite creatures we got to see.

These are just little 'do' drop zenisms that I left around the zoo, and on the bus for people to find.
   And last but not least, my entry for the Diva Challenge. I thoroughly enjoyed this new tangle. Anything that is more on the organic side of tangles, become my favorites!!!!
tangles; 'gorgeous' 'blooming butter' and a form of mooka
I still have a passion for doing artwork on eggs, and I thought this new tangle would look great on one. To find the step outs for Gourdgeous, go HERE

My array of different fall eggs. All the brown ones are coming from our chickens. We are getting 3 a day now. They are all so pretty just in the raw, that I can't use them with cracking them. So I blow them out and keep the beautiful shells to be used as a canvas!! (Yes, my husband thinks I'm crazy!!)
   I sure hope I didn't bore you! Please keep an eye out for my blogpost about all of my Inktober creations. What a fun idea that is. If you didn't join in on Inktober this year, give it a try next year!
   I love reading all of your uplifting comments that you leave on my blog! Thank you Very much!! 
Blessings to all and I will see you next week!
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  1. Ohhhh Wow, this is awesome and the egg is beautiful. I Love your work
    Greetings Ulrike

  2. You are such a beautiful woman! You look great! This is for your kids:
    Hello Harry Potter bunch, you have the best mum out, you are so lucky, lucky, lucky to have a mum who brings so much endless magic into your lives. And I can tell your mum is lucky, lucky, lucky to have all of you too. P.S. you all look unreal :)

    Oh Annette, that dreaded tooth problem - well, what did you expect for Halloween? Let's hope this monstrosity was for Halloween only and will go now away for ever. I hope you're feeling better.

    Almost forgot, your artwork is unreal too! It's so pretty and so yum! And I love how you love art on eggs.
    Here's a hug <>. Be well. What's next for you - Thanksgiving? :)

  3. What a post! Your Challenge tile is absolutely gorgeous! Wonderful your choice of tangles.
    I see you and your kids were on a trip to Hogwarts on Halloween. You had definitely much fun, isn´t it?
    Hugs, Annette

  4. Love them all but my favorite is the tangled egg :)

  5. Your work is lovely and graceful and flowing. I very much love the tangled eggs. Beautiful, Thanks for taking time to post them.

  6. love it! you asked the other day the name of en pattern I had used? its Hand I (handi) and comes from

  7. Ok, I'm officially jealous at how wonderfully your tile (and egg!) turned out. Hope your mouth has recovered.

  8. I'm imagining placemats from your beautiful interpretation of Gourdgeous. Really lovely.

  9. Beautiful work! I love them all but the egg is stunning!

  10. Beautiful job with the Gorgeous! I'm jealous you still get to go to pumpkin patch field trips. Glad you're appreciating them while your kids are little. Makes me want to rewind the clock a bit.

  11. Wow! lovely work and what fun costumes. I especially love that egg;-)

  12. I like this post and thanks for sharing this. What a HUGE pumpkin that is especially next to that man. I hope your root canal is OK by now.

  13. So nice to see photos of you and your children. When my oldest son took his lunch to school, I always left him something "odd" in his lunchbox to find. His favorite was when I wrote messages on hard boiled eggs. (Like, "Let me out of here!" or puns using the word egg.) I love how you added the extra curves under the top of Gourdgeous as it really makes it look dimensional.

  14. Oh how I miss celebrating Halloween with kids! Looks like you had a lot of fun. Did you pass around the booger tasting jelly beans? Ha! Your Gourdgeous is just that! The eggs are amazing! I want some fresh chicken eggs...(she whines...)


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