Tuesday, August 25, 2015


Weekly Challenge #232
Audio 1, 2, 3, and/or 'Betweed'

   Well, I have to say, I did not think I would be able to get to these audio Zen meditations. Life as you know it, is so demanding. But last night, I was sitting at my table trying to get into my Zen and do the 'Betweed' challenge, and I could here the TV from the other room. ( I really don't like TV and rarely will you find me sitting and watching it, but it is my husband's way to unwind at night. So as he watches it, I usually get the noise in the room where I am tangling.) Last night I could here on the news the awful broadcast about Planned Parenthood. I was so disturbed at what I was hearing, it really made me lose my Zen. My heart was sooooooo heavy, I thought, there is no way I am going to be able to produce anything beautiful, at this point. Then I remembered we had gotten some new headphones from the Apple store. So I put them on and listened to all 3 Audio Meditations by Holly.
It sure did help me, and I was able to create enjoyable Bijou tiles. But it did not completely get rid of my heavy heart. So today I wake up, thinking I need to express my sorrow. (I know that by drawing or writing about my sorrows or pain, will help free some of it, if not change my whole mood.) Well, let's just say, it has allowed me to show my expression and yet I don't really like to leave a blog post on a sad note,.................but that is completely how I feel. :0(

   Thank you Holly for a great challenge!
"Tears from Heaven" 'Listen to the heartbeat of the unborn.'
   Let us pray !!!!

Love to all! 


  1. Nice job on the Audio tiles. I went a little off on my own also by doing one of them on a Renaissance tile. I only have full size ones of those. I understand your hurt with what you were hearing. Some will probably be upset with my comment but it strikes me odd that there was more upheaval about the killing of a lion than the reports about Planned Parenthood. I am not saying that I like game hunting and if someone broke the law in what they did, they should not be accountable, but I do not understand the picketing and other things that occurred and when number of babies killed each day goes largely ignored. Dowen off my soap box. I have not finished my Betweed tile yet so have not posted it.

  2. Annette...

    I am happy to read that the audio was able to help your heavy heart in a small way. I think you have done a wonderful job expressing that heavy heart in your "Tears from Heaven" tile. Beautifully illustrated.

    Your audio tiles are all so lovely! Your art is always inspiring!

  3. Lovely pieces. Sometimes the most beautiful art, poetry, and other creative pursuits just blossom through an artist's sadness or pain. Wise to work through those feelings.

  4. I think your sadness tile is exactly what it should be, an expression of your unhappiness and there is no shame in that, whatever the cause. It would be worse if you had no feelings to express, on that or any other subject. And, I suppose, beauty has come out of sadness.

  5. Your visualisation of Tears in Heaven is stunning! I like sad - it's liberating and empowering. I am sad and angry by life. That's why when I finally do laugh, it's genuine, in the moment and addictive to others. I do adore the Bijoux too. P.S. I boycotted TV almost 20 years ago and still going strong. Luv yah, hugs, z

  6. When I read your post, I do feel my heart turn heavy for you. I totally agree with Donald and I'm an absolute animal lover! Annette, it breaks my heart nowadays to see all those refugees that come to Europe (so many daily) and ave left everything behind. I see man, children, women and baby's walking miles and miles looking for a save and better life. And, I do want to see it, because I want to know, but I'm crying inside and want to help, but have no idea how. And that Planning Parenthood, I think I understand what that means and that makes me so very sad too.
    The only thing we can do, is express our point of view however hard that sometimes is in some company. And let's try to spread goodness around us in our little part of this world.
    I notice that I can hardly stop writing, but it's time to do just that.
    Still have to say that I like your tiles and that I use a headphone a lot when Kees is watching news programs, football (is it socker in USA?) of GrandPrix. Blessed Be!!!

  7. I love your audio tiles!!! They're great! I hope your creative experiences were able to help the sadness pass.


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