Wednesday, August 19, 2015


Weekly Challenge #231 
Guest post blogger, Sharla Hicks, CZT
The Undulating Tangles in 'C' and 'S' Minor

   So this week's guest blogger is Sharla Hicks. Her blog Tangled Expressions and her website, Sharla Hicks, give such a wealth of artistic inspiration and how to's. Thank you so much for sharing so much talent with us Sharla!! This week she is filling in for the Diva, and she wanted us to work on our 'S' and 'C' curves. She used the word undulating to describe, how to work with these types of tangles. 
   Well, the definition is to sway and or rock back and forth from side to side, kind of in a wave-like motion. So as soon as I saw the definition and learned of this new word, I right away felt myself sway and remember how I used to hold my little babies in my arm and become one with them. (oh, how I miss those days,....I find I even have an undulated stance while waiting in lines) Anyways, I just love the 'C' and 'S' curve, type tangles. They are so organic and so many new things can come from them. I can become one with tangling!!!! Whew,....... I almost drifted off there, just thinking of that undulating motion!! :0) So, baby in arm, became my inspiration for this week's challenge.

Tangles used:Abundies-Hanny W., Msst- Zentangle original, Meringue-Kelley Kelly, LoLo-Hsin-Ya Hsu, and Walp-Helen Williams

I enjoyed myself so much with this challenge that I just HAD to do another!!  So Chill-axin'. And I usually never fill a whole page with tangles, but I just couldn't stop Undulating!!! :0)

   I enjoyed myself so much with this challenge, because I find that a lot of these kind of tangles are my go-to tangles. Whenever in blank thought, I can easily get into my Zen inspiration with these undulating tangles!
   I was gifted a nice Amazon gift card from one of my clients for my birthday, so I have been wanting to buy the yummy Faber-Castell Gelatos. What fun they are!!! They are so versatile in their use. I used them as a watercolor in this tile.
   I had Bunco at my house last night and so the reason for delay in my post!! What a wonderful group of women we have in our Bunco group!! I am blessed!
   Have an awesome weekend and we'll see ya' all next week! Thank you for all of your friendly comments on my blogpost! This tangle community has so much talent and it is always a joy looking at everyone's entries!

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  1. I love the soft colors and the way the entire design seems to float about. Lovely! ReneeW.

  2. Your tile is beautiful, but the most amazing part is the way you worked in Msst. Oh my, that just sparkles.

  3. You made me laugh to remember how I used to (I admit sometimes I still do) sway in line at the grocery store. I miss my babies too! I love your Diva challenge tile with its soft garden breeze feel. So pretty. I also love, love, love your new blog header! The design and lettering are stunning!

  4. Hallo Annette,
    i love the colors, your tile is sooooo pretty :)
    have a good time

  5. Beautifully done! Is that a renaissance tile? What is Bunco? The other day, I went through all your historical posts on Call it What you Quill and looked at all the quilling you've done. You're amazing! I totally fell in love with quilling on canvas. I've had thought of doing this, but never actually seen it. Just had to let you know :) Hugs,z

  6. Your tile has a nice smooth flow to it. Love the color that you added.

  7. It's quite amazing the difference color makes in your tile. I liked the first black and white one, but the one with color really woke me up (a bad thing maybe because it's 4 a.m. and I'm supposed to be sleeping). Oh well. At least I have something pretty to look at.

  8. Your smaller tile really came alive when you added the color.

  9. Beautiful tile and I love the sketchbook page!

  10. Beautiful tiles and the color is fabulous!

  11. So beautiful and peaceful...and I just love the inspiration behind it :-)

  12. Your tiles have an almost magical look to them. Very nice. As an aside, I had a boss who would shout "stop moving" at me sometimes because I, too, hand an "undulating" stance. He used to say that, as an old sailor who was stationed on a sub, that it amazed him that he never got sea sick until I started working for him LOL!


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