Monday, August 31, 2015


Weekly Challenge #233
Newest Official Tangle,

   "Welcome back Laura, I missed you!!!!" Even though I follow Laura on Instagram, and she had some really AWESOME guest bloggers fill in for her, I did miss her crazy lil' pictures with crazy lil' captions to go with them. :0) Looks like she had one enjoyable summer! 
   So when I saw the challenge for this week, I got so excited and had a flashback to my CZT #20 seminar days, back in June. (It seems so long ago,........:0(  I wanna go back!!!!  ) Anyway, the wonderful Zentangle group taught us 'Zenith' while we were there. What a fun and beautiful tangle. I fell in love with it right away. (Plus I am partial to the name. My Grandfather worked for Zenith Televisions years ago. I don't know if any of you remember that name. Actually I don't even know if they still make tv's). 
   I really wanted to play with color this week. Mainly because I had time today to play and didn't feel rushed. (Yes, I am getting my time organization in progress.  Yay, me! ) so I drew my string with a thought in mind. Then it just unfolded from there. I was gifted an Amazon gift card and so I purchased Faber-Castell Gelatos. I am having so much fun with those!!!

   I was having so much fun with 'Zenith', that I did not want the party to end. So, I had seen a variation of it that Maria had done on the Zentangle website, where she shows the step outs. And I just wanted to give it a try. Hence the black and white section on my page. Then I had seen the new tangle, that Tina Hunziker, aka Akua had created, on Linda Farmer's, Tangle Patterns. I new I just had to give that one a try too. What a lovely tangle, Tina!!! She has shared soon many wonderful tangles with the tangle community. They are all so fun and amazing! Thank you Tina!!! So there you have it!
tangles: Hollibaugh, Orbs, Zenith

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   I used my Prisma pencils for the bright colors and my Gelatos for the soft background.
   It feels so good to get the time to play a little. Once my daughter goes to full time kindergarten days, then play time will get to be even longer. (Oh, the things that I will do,................maybe some messy inks,..........hmmmmm!) 
   I hope that everyone can find some time to play or 'zen' out, in their week,.....!
   I just want to give a very special "THANK YOU" to some very special people that left such heartfelt and loving messages on my blog post last week! You know who you are!! YOU are wonderful, and I'm still trying to make my way to visit your blogs!! You are pure AWESOMENESS!!!!
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  1. Honestly, you are just getting better and better! I love how you use colour

  2. Beautiful weaving, colour and happiness!

  3. Beautiful work...! Great use of colours and your linework and shadowing are looking wonderful too.

  4. Why, yes, I do remember Zenith. It was our first TV. We had the first one on the block and we were very popular! I used to have to sit with the TV repair man whenever he came, which was often in those days! I just love the gorgeous colors on this tile. Gelatos are so yummy! Color is like a drug = Watch out or you too may get sucked into art journaling and card making LOL!

  5. Love your color, love your lines and the warmth!

  6. I'm especially impressed by the red/gold/flame colours on the "ribbon" and the way you have made the pattern your own. The way the patterns wander out of the tile and on to the page is really clever. Altogether wonderful.

  7. Great colors in this. Love the ribbons. Always enjoy your comments. is harder and harder for me to get around and comment on all the entries.

  8. Oh, Annette, your colors just sing! How beautiful! And, yes, I sure do remember Zenith TVs!

  9. Your Zenith is GORGEOUS. Love how you added the color and then sort of bleed into black and white. Really really nice work, Annette!

  10. This is GORGEOUS, Annette (always hard to spell your name correct, because my daughter is Anette).


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