Tuesday, September 22, 2015


Weekly Challenge #236
"Tangle the Unexpected"

   Oh, I had so much fun with this challenge! While on Instagram, (you can follow me HERE), I have seen some amazing artwork done on bananas. Mostly with Minions, cause they love bananas and they're yellow and soooooooo darn cute! Anyway, that was my inspiration for this challenge, and I had some perfectly ripened bananas on hand.
Here is my unexpected! I lightly drew my lettering and then created my string around it.
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Those lil' tomatoes you see are just some of the home grown goodness we have had this season! Yum!!!

This lil' (big) guy has been hanging out on my tomato plants along with two of his siblings!!!!!! As amazing as they look, they are so destructive. Kids want to keep them for pets :0/ Just look at the design on this guy. do you see some kind of tangle inspiration here?

   So there you have it! I tease my family that if they stand still long enough, I will tangle them!!! As Laura puts it, tangle the unexpected!!!! (Hmmmmmm, maybe I should try some tangling one of my family members) Try joining in on the fun! Visit Laura , to give your tangle a try!

   Thank you to all who visit and comment my blog!! Hope you all have an awesome week and a blessed day!! (((hugs))) Annette :0)

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  1. Are you clever or what??? Awesome lettering as well.

  2. Omgosh and I'd never thought I ever would say this, but what a pretty Banana!! :P I'd be sad to eat it!!

    Thanks for coming over to my entry! I hope you have fun with Cadenza - I can't wait to see! <3

    Debbie New, CZT

  3. Love your banana. It looks delicious. But after all that work who would want to eat it. Love the idea of tangling a family member if they stand still long enough. :)

  4. The banana is one of my favorites! Never thought you could tangle on it, I look differently at the bananas in my fruit bowl now :-)

  5. Ooh doesn't it feel really nice to draw on a banana!? Sooooo smooth and buttery the pen just glides along :-) Lovely job and I hope someone special gets to eat it :-) That caterpillar is amazing lol and yes he does have beautiful patterns :-) (By the way I almost started drooling looking at your homegrown tomatoes. They look delish :-) )

  6. This is so fun - quite probably the prettiest banana I have ever seen! Very nicely done - love it. :)

  7. Love it! Is that sepia on the nana? It looks beautiful. I love your fresh goodies, can I have just one tomato, no, two..... They look so scrumptious! Maybe I should republish an old post where I tangled on a lemon.

  8. Gosh, you did some intricate tangles on there, well done.

  9. I saw this on Instagram and had to laugh out loud. I think this challenge was just so much fun. Did you see Ilse's cow? Another funny one :) Yup, get some henna and do some tangling on those cute kids :)

  10. Your idea (and the result) made me smile. Are you really eating this piece of art? We have a small garden and last spring I bought a strawberry plant. This summer those fruits were so delicious that I did not get a chance to eat one, because the black birds loved them. No, no net to protect the fruit, I always think that I have money to buy some and the birds don't :-)

  11. Super idea! That is a mean-looking bug in your tomatoes though...he'd look much better tangled!

    I saw a great trick with bananas and have done it a couple of times when sending my children to school with a packed lunch. If you use a pin and prick a pattern or a name, it can't be seen immediately, but over time, the pinpricks darken for the pattern to emerge. I loved the response the first time I did it and put their names on!
    It must be a little while since I visited - apologies - because I hadn't seen your lovely new blog design before. It's very classy!


  12. I thought maybe you had tangled the caterpillar too! The banana was great idea, such a shame to have to throw the skin away at some point, it was so pretty.

  13. Hilarious and pretty. Have you eaten it yet?

  14. Great banana! That caterpillar is amazing;-)

  15. what a great idea, this banana is sooooooo yummmmmy..... and your foto from the caterpillar ist beautiful what a nice guy, but i think he is very hungry and your tomatos does not like him ;)
    have a nice day

  16. I love this banana tangle! Somewhere there is actually a tangle pattern with bananas in it, which would have been funny to include, too. It's too bad that freezing a banana turns the skin black, or you could save this one. Oh well, I know you had fun with this one, and I'm sure the banana was tasty too! The caterpillar is amazing looking but, if you want any tomatoes, he has to go! Too bad, as he is really lovely in a creepy sort of way!

  17. Your banana is very cool!! The caterpillar is fun looking!! :) :) Hope you kept the tomatoes to eat!!

    ~ Diane Clancy


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