Thursday, September 17, 2015


Weekly Challenge #235
"String Theory: Stripes"

   I love stripes!!! I don't know what it is, but they make me smile!! So thank you, Laura, for that easy smile, because the Lord knows that I needed it this week!! :0)  (I'm not going to get into my woes, now but,......) 
   "But I do have to say I 'JUST' also got some very GREAT news that makes all my troubles just seem so minute, itsy bitsy tiny!!!! My niece, Katie, has been told by her doctor that she is in remission and she doesn't have to go in every month, but now only every other month!!!! THAT IS NEWS FOR CELEBRATION!!!!  I love you Katie, and I know you're gonna whip this!!!

 These pictures are just a snip-it of what is happening to my world around me! Trees going down left and right and houses crumbling to nothing! "Life as I know it", is changing!!!! 


See that building over there on the other corner? 639,000 sq feet of building.
   So this is just a tiny, itty, bitty, bit of what has been going on in my world! (updates will be posted, as so called progress, in future posts)

Ooops! I guess I got carried away.,............... And for this week's Diva challenge,..........
Tangles used: 'Quickzly', 'X-Did', '120 Ribbons', ' Diva Dance,' 'Hollibaugh' and 'Cabana'
   May your weekend be filled with reasons to celebrate and SMILE!!!
Thank you for visiting and hope to see you next week!!! 

Go put
into this



  1. I like your stripes too :) But the best news out there are about Katie! Yes, I know houses & tress are crumbling (and I just found out an awesome piece I did won nothing at a competition I entered), but nothing comes close to getting news like your niece just has. Way to go for her!!!

  2. I love the use of white space here and the way some of the tangles sneak out of their allotted space and across each other. What are the two patterns to the right of Diva Dance? I don't know them but I want to. Thanks for showing me something new.

    1. Hello Margaret, I usually try to reply back to people on their blogs just in case the person doesn't revisit mine. But I couldn't find you ;0) But I just wanted to answer your question. The tangles above the Diva Dance tangle, is '120 Ribbons'. It is my own tangle and you can find step outs here on my blog, under the page 'tangles by me'. And the other tangle, It is one of my favorites by Milde Weiss, called Cabana. You can find it on Tangle Patterns. I don't know if she has a personal blog to find it on. I hope you receive this message! It's always nice to get inspiration from others!! That's why the Zentangle community is so amazing and wonderful!!! Have an awesome day!! (((hugs))) Annette

  3. Lovely. I like how you have "tied" your tangles together.

  4. Congratulations for Katie!!!!! I like your stripes with the open spots between some. Take care!!!!!!!

  5. YAY for Katie! Your stripes really grab attention with the negative spaced stripes. And, I can't wait to find out what your pictures are all about!


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