Thursday, September 17, 2015


Zendala Dare #109
with Erin 

   Erin, thank you so much for this fantastic template! As soon as I saw it I got pretty excited, because it looks like it is in motion. Which screams to me for more organic tangles. I don't know how you create these templates. I know you said this one was a stinker, but I really enjoyed it! Thank you for you talents and time! :0) 
Tangles used: 'Amazen', 'Angel Fish', and 'Rosewood'
   If you're a regular tangler and do the "Diva's Weekly Challenge", then join in on the fun for Erin's Weekly Zendala Dare at the Bright Owl (or visa versa). Please keep Erin and all people that live up in northern CA in prayers. The fires have been destructive up there. 

Many thanks for all the friendliness on my blog! Your words are greatly appreciated! (((hugs)))
Please check out my new addition to my blog! "Dans Friday" is a new page, where I will be sharing a monthly coloring page with my readers. Enjoy!! 

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  1. Great! I like it

  2. Beautiful; I love the dark lines in it Annette!!!

  3. This is really lovely! I love how you used the template to create such a beautiful, soft, flow zendala.

  4. You definitely show movement in this zendala. Lovely!

  5. Annette, I got your comment on my blog. Thanks for the compliment. I used to hate 'Nzeppel; now it's one of my favorites. My trick is that after I make the initial squares, I put an X inside each one. Otherwise I just get way too confused with how the lines are supposed to go. It takes longer, but it works MUCH better for me. I'll look forward to seeing your next challenge.

  6. I like those Angel Fish! Very modern looking. And your shading.


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