Friday, October 9, 2015


Zendala Dare #111
with Erin

   Thank you Erin for such a fun challenge! I loved the template you gave us for this week! I may have to do another one with it! Halloween is always fun and I enjoy the crazy creatures that go along with it. 
   I just had to go with 'The Count' with this zendala.
In progression

True black n white and shades of gray!

Now that I know how to scan, this is a scanned pic and I added color!
Why don't you download Erin's template for Zendala Dare #111,
and join in on the fun!
   If you are a weekly participant for this challenge, you might want to try out The Diva's, weekly challenge too. 
   Hope to see you there!
I can't believe that Halloween is just around the corner. I need to ask a favor from ya' all! There are five people in my family, and I like to pick a theme for us to dress up as for Halloween. Any suggestions? I am totally stumped this year!
   Welp, have a great weekend, and we'll see you around, next week!

put some
into this


  1. I love how you turned the sides into bats - very cool! And the colored Diva Dance looks awesome. Since you like bats, how about dressing up as characters from Batman?

  2. The bats are wonderful in that space! Overall, a great creation.

    How about characters from the Addams Family?

  3. I do like your bight colored zendala!!! And, to answer your question on my blog, in The Netherlands Halloween is hardly celebrated. However the last few years is getting more popular.

  4. Absolutely gorgeous and clever Zendala! Great Halloween feeling!

  5. That's really a wonderful Zendala, Annette. I love those bats and Count Dracula is a hoot. Maybe you could all be "where's Waldo"? Shirts with stripes, watch caps, and plastic black glasses. Inexpensive and fun.

  6. Great zendala!!! And gorgeous colours!!!

  7. Wow! This is really impressive and wonderful. I love Your bats.

  8. What a fun Zendala. I love all the elements of it: the bats, Counr Dracula. Really terrific.


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