Saturday, October 24, 2015


Zendala Dare #113
with Erin
Go to The Bright Owl and download your Zendala Dare!

   It's been quite the busy week,.......and yet,........I didn't get any housework done! :0/ Actually, I take that back, I got ALL of my laundry done. (And yet, if you looked in the laundry baskets in each bedroom it would be depressing, because there are already dirty clothes in each one!!! Yeeeeeks!!!!)
   Anyways,...when I saw this week's template, I wasn't too sure about it. I kept going back to it and looking at it, thinking, "what am I going to do with it?" Well, once I traced it and the pencil markings were on my paper, it came to life! I tend, NOT, to use all the lines that are on the template and/or if I do, I just restructure them.  
   Thank you Erin for always giving us such interesting templates to play with. I really feel I'm breaking through a lot of my own personal challenges because of them!

Here is my zendala without shading and without color.

I used  my Faber Castell Gelatos to watercolor this.

   When I trace Erin's template and transfer it onto my page, I always pick the largest template. The artist pad that I use is the Canson Mix Media XL. It is 7x10 inches and is 98 lb weighted paper. I really love it and the large template always fits so nice on it. But I usually have a strip of solid white to the right of my zendala. So I have been filling them up with a couple Bijou size squares. And putting a bit of inspirational words along with them. So here's what this week's space filler looked like. (I stayed with the fall theme.)

   I am still learning how to use my Faber Castell Gelatos. I have never taken art classes so a lot of this mixed medium stuff,..........I'm still learning. But it's fun and I enjoy looking at my past blog posts and seeing that I am making progress. (baby steps) 
   Anyways, enjoy your fall weather! If your on the opposite side of this planet and you're having spring right now,..... Enjoy !!!!!
   Thank you, one and all, for your uplifting comments! I will see you all next week! WE have our first Halloween party this Sunday. Stay tuned to see pics of what our theme is this year! :0)

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  1. LOVELY!!!! So different, so beautiful, so much nice text. Have a GREAT party today.

  2. Absolutely gorgeous zendala, and I do love those colours! I have to try my Gelatos soon!
    I wish you a fantastic party today!
    Hugs, Annette

  3. What a great Autumn Zendala! And the colours are so pretty!

  4. Oh! This made me happy, and then I saw it with colors and I was even happier! And THEN, I saw Bijoux--happiest!!

  5. What a beautiful fall design - I love it! So very pretty.

  6. What a lovely tribute to Fall! Love this!


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