Wednesday, October 21, 2015


Weekly Challenge #240
"Birthday Leaves for Artoo"

   "Happy 5th Birthday Artoo!!!" This passed weekend Laura, The Diva's youngest son had a 5th birthday celebration!!! It is always so nice to see her updates with her children and family, on her blog. I think with all that celebrating, though, Artoo ended up getting sick. So, lots of well wishes are going out to the birthday boy!!! Hope you feel better soon!!! :0)
   As a part of Artoo's birthday fun, he and his little celebrators were playing in the leaves outside. So that inspired Laura to give us a challenge surrounding leaves. Her challenge is to use colors of fall, tangles that look like leaves, tangled leaf zia's and/or anything that is fall inspired. I just love fall, and these kind of challenges just warm my heart. The colors, the smells, the feeling in the air,........everything about fall, I LOVE!!!! 
   Last year I had quite a lot of fun tangling on real leaves. I think I ended up flattening and drying out about 50 leaves from last year, to work on for future projects. (It's so hard to pass up a perfect leaf that has fallen on the ground, and not pick it up.) Anyway, if you'd like take a peak at my sister blog, Call it What You Quill, HERE, you will see leaves I tangled last year.
The background is actually handmade scrapbook paper that I have had stashed away.
   Here are the tools that I used for these leaves.
I just love brush pens. The black ink is from a Faber-Castell brush pen. (I forgot to add it to the pic.)
Hope all is well in everyone's neck of the woods! We've got Halloween, fast approaching! Yeeeeks!!! I think we have decided what we are going dressed as for the festivities. Easy year for me, no face painting and no making costumes. (Nice, but it doesn't help me get in the mood.) Have an awesome week and hope to see ya' all around, next week!!! :0) Hugs

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  1. Nice to find another leaf "hoarder". These are really lovely, especially Artoo's.

  2. SOO beautiful, your birthday leaves!

  3. Lovely, very lovely. I know what you mean by saying that it's hard to walk by a fallen leaf. I myself have that with feathers, sometimes I even stop when cycling to pick one up :-)

  4. And shells, I could empty a beach if I weren't so ecologically conscious. What you have done here actually enhances their natural beauty. Wow.

  5. Is it difficult to tangle on a leaf? They seem so fragile. Your tangled leaves are lovely.

  6. Oh Annette! Sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo beautiful!!

  7. Just gorgeous, Annette. I used to be that way with leaves, but we don't have fall leaves here in the Phoenix area. All we can collect is dust!

  8. Your leaves are so beautiful! I would never have thought I could tangle on a dried leaf without it crumbling apart. Today I'm going to attempt a pumpkin instead!

  9. The leaves are art before you improved them!


  10. Love your leaves! And how thoughtful to inscribe one with "Artoo"!


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