Friday, October 16, 2015


Zendala Dare #112
with Erin

   Okay, I have to admit! As much as I look forward to Monday and seeing what the Diva's Weekly Challenge is, I am now hooked to the Zendala Dares with Erin! Erin posts her new weekly challenge every Tuesday! So come on along and join in on the fun with both weekly challenges! It's amazing what the Tangling community has to share! Get inspired and 'Inspire'!!!

I tangled right on my printed copy, for this one! (It was a quick one for 'Inktober')

I like how this one turned out! I used the negative space to tangle! It took quite a bit of time because of the tangles I chose. Tangles used: 'Nzeppel' and 'Striping'

I just had to add this photo. Looks like we might actually get some fall colors, here in Southern CA!
   Thank you, everyone for leaving a bit of sunshine on my blog last week! Can't wait to see what everyone has created with this awesome zendala template! Thank you Erin!! Your templates always blow me away!!:0)

a 'round'



  1. Like your wound ribbon. You achieved a nice 3D effect with this. Zendalas are fun to do. Thanks for your encouraging comments on my blog. I have just hit a busy time so it has been hard to participate regularly. Hope to do better. Also trying to get things ready for Christmas. Will have things on display/sale possibly in 3 places. Have to have a little more inventory for that.

  2. I like both your zendala's a lot. It's a great challenge next to others and I also enjoy it a lot.

  3. Both are gorgeous and elegant! Especially I like the second one. Wonderful idea to use the template in that way!

  4. The First tells us that less is more. Then I saw the second and I said OH! It is so amazing and beautiful!!!

  5. Both are gorgeous! I really love the simple elegance of the first one!

  6. I am soooo lazy that I almost always just tangle on my computer paper printed copy. I like the Aquafleur style on the first one. How lovely is the second one though where you used the negative space!

  7. I love your use of the negative space in the second one. And as for the first one, I almost always use my printing template; and then if I really like it, I reprint the whole thing on better paper.


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