Tuesday, October 13, 2015


Weekly Challenge #239
'Munchin Play'

   This week the Diva (Laura) asked us to use 'Munchin' for our challenge. I like 'Munchin',... and it brings back memories of my CZT class. Molly Hollibough, has a Youtube video to demonstrate this fun tangle that she created. Molly has a way of creating such a zen experience whenever watching her tangle.
   I don't mind the black tiles but I do tend to grab white ones or white paper more than the black. I recently told myself to start using the Renaissance and or black tiles. Well, with this week's challenge the Diva put out a suggestion to use a black tile. As she gave her confession of how she feels about the black tiles,......she gave all of us such a wealth of new info of using an art medium called gesso. (I bet youtube had so many searches for 'How to use gesso', today). Wow, I want to go out and buy some now. Thank you Laura for the great info, and being honest! :0)
Tangles used: 'Munchin' , 'Printemps' 'Tri-bee', and 'Akoya'

   Thank you Laura, for always keeping us on our toes and challenged.
All of you challengers might also want to try giving a Zendala Dare a try at the Bright Owl. 
Have an awesome week and we'll see you next Monday! Thank you for stopping by! 

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  1. Hello, gorgeous woman! How are you? I love white on black and I love your tile! Love how Akoya is slipping through. I'm in the middle of researching where best to buy black gesso as I am writing this :D Hope you're well. Hugs, z

  2. I like this tile and the tangles you used next to Munchin!!!

  3. Nice tile! You've found many patterns that go well with Munchin.

  4. Wonderful composition. I love how you got all those tangles to play together so nicely. I'm not fond of the black tiles, but I used to really dislike the Renaissance tiles. Now I love them! Maybe one day, I'll find I love the black as well!

  5. Very clever combination of the tangles you used! I love this tile very much.

  6. I like this combination of patterns, especially the beads across the middle. (Can't remember what it's called but I like it a lot.)

  7. What a gorgeous tile! I love all of those patterns.

  8. Absolutely gorgeous tile! Great choice of tangles!

  9. Love your tile! Such a diverse choice of tangles and they mesh together beautifully!


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