Friday, November 13, 2015


Weekly Challenge #243
'Just a Tiny Taste'

Haha, and you thought it was going to be about eating,...........Nah!!
   This week's challenge, the Diva, Laura, has asked us to give just a sample of tangling on a tile (hence, just a taste of tangling').  I actually love having open space on tiles, so I enjoyed this challenge very much!!
    As a little girl, I would make my own stationary. (What little girl does not like pretty paper and pens?) So for stationary, I would always give some kind of border and then add a little something in a corner. Then on the envelop I would add a touch of, matching whatever it is was that went with the stationary. Before email, everything was snail mail (sorry Bijou, no offense). I think that is why stationary was such a hit. The prettier the better. Sometimes though, I would receive some as a gift and I wouldn't want to use it because it was too pretty. (Sound familiar, anyone?)
   So this week, I made stationary cards to hand out for Thanksgiving. I told each of my children that they had to think of someone that they wanted to 'Thank' in a special way, and we would send them a card. So for the challenge, I left off the words that will go in the center of each card. I had so much fun, that I know I will be making more! 
(feel free to click images to enlarge)

   I have been busy! But I wanted to give the kid's teachers something for Thanksgiving. They have such wonderful teachers and I am always so impressed with the way they inspire and feed my children wealths of knowledge!! A many thanks to all teachers!!!!
It was difficult to find the best lighting for these. My mother and I would make these kind of hanging trio eggs and give them at Easter. We would, mostly, do Pysanky Eggs.

Again, these are eggs that our chickens are laying. They are so pretty all in themselves, that I cannot crack them and throw them away. :0/

   Please, don't forget that it is Dans Friday, here at The Art Zenter! Click HERE to get your free download for November's coloring page, 'Give Thanks'.
   Have a wonderful weekend and may we all be reminded that there is always something to be thankful for!!! 
   Speaking of thanks,........THANK YOU,...for all the lovely rays of sunshine left on my blog last week. Hugs to all!! ((((hugs)))) :0)

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  1. Such a treat reading this post! What a great idea making those cards for Thanksgiving thoughts and a perfect answer to the challenge- love it!

  2. I agree with Donna that it was a treat to read this post! Very heartwarming! Love your cards and the idea behind it, and the eggs as well.

  3. I Love your tiles, so beautiful work :)

  4. I love your stationary...I too used to write a lot more letters than email and often made stationary or notecards and envelopes to sell. My in-laws in New Zealand were pleased that I enjoyed writing and were glad that I hadn't succumbed to "DWL Syndrome", which they said was an American (DWL Syndrome = Don't Write Letters Syndrome). I'm sad to say that I don't write as much as I used to due to arthritis, but I do still try. Anyway, I loved your post and was sorry that you weren't offering us one of your scrumptious looking cookies, but your stationary and decorated eggs were well worth not getting a cookie. You have done an excellent job on both the eggs and the stationary. Very nicely done!

  5. I love, love, LOVE these cards, do you mind if I 'steal' the idea?

  6. Such an entertaining story to go with your lovely tiles and eggs! I love borders, too, and have now taken to embellishing envelopes, even for paying bills! Makes it more fun for me, at least!


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