Tuesday, December 8, 2015


Weekly Challenge #116
with Erin

   Hello there one and all! I have so many reasons why I had not posted this and why I have been absent from my computer time. As I will share that all with you in future posts, I really wanted to get this Zendala Dare posted since it's the most delinquent on my list.
   I soooooo loved this template! I have to say, I always do the pencil transfer of the template as Erin shows on her blog, but I played around, a tad, directly on the smaller printed version to create this celtic like Zendala, first. And a confession, I did have to use an eraser a few times, as my eyes were playing tricks on me.   :0/

As yo scroll down you will see how this changed from the original template. (click to enlarge)

Here is the original template form Erin at The Bright Owl
   I encourage any and all of you to give the Zendala Dare a try! Erin posts a new template every Tuesday of each week. It really has helped me get over my fear of Zendalas. I usually do mine using the largest template, but I have been known to use the smaller one in times when I am pressured for time. Come on,...........give it a try!! :0)

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