Tuesday, December 8, 2015


Weekly Challenge #246
"Guest Post: Monotangle Tree"
with Dilip Patel

   I have been preoccupied with a many different things in my life, right now, and computer time is last on my list. (Unfortunately I haven't even had time to tangle,......big sigh of sadness....) Any who, I was able to read, briefly, last week of what the challenge was to be set before us. My heart filled with emotion!!!! "I LOVE TREES!!!!!"  On Pinterest, I have a board dedicated just to trees! Trees, even as silent as they are, speak volumes of Strength, Stability, Life, Future, Beauty, Purpose, Hope, New Beginnings ........and the list goes on! 
    Recently, I have been touched by sadness, concerning trees. With the progress of development and buildings going ALL around me, ALL the trees that have been here forever, are being cut down. Yes, the developers are planting some, new ones,.........but not as many as were here before.
A beautiful, mature Olive tree on my parent's property. (From which my Pops, cures delicious olives)

Many, many Citrus trees on my parent's property, also. All of which are getting ready to be ripened.

The front of my parent's home. Look at all of those mature trees!  

Across from the corner where I live. Pure destruction of homes and trees down to the ground!!!!
   This is why this challenge touched me so profoundly!!! Thank you Dilip for giving us such an awesome and purposeful challenge!! In California, we are in a drought right know too. So we are being asked to not water our trees. They've even gone as far as wanting us to move most if not all foliage, anywhere on our properties. (It doesn't make any sense to me. Trees help our environment so much, but,...... I won't go there.)
Go Plant a Tree and Create a Forest!!!!
Here are my trees, using tangle LoLo by CZT Hsin-Ya Hsu. She has deconstructed some of the most amazing patterns. LoLo is one of my 'mac n cheese' tangles. I just love it!
   Anyway, I have had so much that I have been wanting to share with you all but my hands and brain and computer intelligence get in my way of getting these posts done quickly. What probably takes some of you 5 minutes to do on a computer, takes me about 30 minutes. My thoughts and comprehension of technology just get in my way. :0/
   Sorry for the long and babbly post, but I always have so much that I want to say! (I'm known to babble :0)    )
   Have a blessed week and may you and your families be safe, wherever you are!<3

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  1. Love your trees, but dislike your story of the trees being felled around you. We live in an area full of trees (near to the New Forest, UK) and would be so sad to lose them.


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